Virus Removal

We use tried and trusted software to clean spyware, malware, and viruses from your hard drive without damaging your files OR having to charge you an arm and a leg!

If your computer has been infected with a virus, trojan or worm, it is quite possible that it may be at this moment spreading the infection to other people through your address book. Spyware programs usually collect credit card information, steal passwords and data from your computer, prevent programs from working etc. Computer viruses are more destructive and can even cause a permanent damage to your computer.

Let us clean viruses and spyware out of your computer and automate its protection.

Virus Symptoms:
  • Are you blocked out of your Windows programs or unable to access the Internet?
  • Does your computer frequently restarts or stops responding.
  • Do you click on one search result and get re-directed to a different page?
  • Do you have an "automatic" virus scan coming up on your computer telling you that you need to purchase a lifetime subscription?
  • Computer is acting funny?
  • Your internet is very slow?

Spyware is a real problem on a majority of the computers we service for the first time. While most computers come with anti-virus software, preventing and removing spyware requires different products. At best, spyware is an annoyance that leads to pop-up ads and reduced computer performance. At worst, spyware allows criminals to gain access to all the sensitive information on your computer. Anti-virus software does not protect against spyware, because the two get onto your computer in different ways. Spyware often hitches a ride on free downloads. When the user installs a screen-saver or game, the spyware gets onto their machine. Then it can spread to other computers over your network.

Data Migration

Safely remove all photos, music, documents and data from one drive to another without endless hours of work. We will transfer all of your contents at an affordable rate while you wait.

Data Migration is the transfer/translation of data from one storage type / format /device into another storage type / format / device. Data migration is necessitated owing to scenarios wherein the data in the present medium or format is not accessible or useful and needs to be translated into another medium or format according to the individual's or the organization's new requirements. Such scenarios come into existence when the company:

Upgrades its databases/programs to newer versions Upgrades its computer system software Changes its databases/programs to another entirely new databases/programs Undergoes mergers/acquisitions Joe's Lakewood Computer follows a performance oriented cost effective process to help you migrate your data in a seamless data migration process. Our vast experience, best methodologies and expertise in data recovery & management reduce expensive downtime and loss of productivity for your organization. We follow a six phase proven data migration process to best manage the obstacles of time, cost and application downtime.

Replacement Parts

Faulty keyboard or LED screen? No problem! Professional repairs and replacements done in-store. We have all of the right 'connections' to get you up and running again. We offer wide range of repair and replacement services such us: Video Card Replacement - Hard Drive Replacement - Sound Card Replacement - Ethernet Card Replacement - Memory Installation - DC Jack replacement (power jack) - USB/Firewire Card Install and Configuration - Router Installation - BluRay/DVD/CD Drive Replacement - Laptop LCD - Screen Replacement - CPU Replacement - Computer Case Clean Up - Dust Cleanup

Hardware Upgrades

As web content gets more and more high-tech, it's important to keep your machine at peak performance. We offer memory and hard drive upgrades that are designed to have the highest impact on your computer without hitting you hard in the wallet. Increase performance and speed without buying a new computer with our professional upgrade services. One of our friendly technicians can consult with you and evaluate your computer to determine the best upgrade for you needs. If you already know the type of upgrade you want, then we can help you find a compatible part or software for your computer. We will provide you with professional installation and setup of the software or hardware upgrade of your choice. Increase memory Enhance speed and performance Optimize audio, video, and gaming Broaden Functionality Upgrade Hardware: memory, video card, processor, hard drive, etc. Upgrade Software: security suite, firewall, office suite, POS, parental controls, and more. Upgrade Operating System We can install, setup, and update laser printers, (we do not service Ink Jet printers) internal hardware, sound cards, and more!

Repair Services

Our experienced support technicians are well trained to handle a wide variety of hardware and software issues.
We have your desktops, laptops, laser printers (we do not service Ink Jet printers) and other computer hardware accessories covered.

Laptop Repairs:

  • Laptop power jack repair
  • Screen replacements
  • Motherboard repairs/replacements
  • Laptop won't start
  • Memory & Hard drive upgrade
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Laptop overheating
  • Virus or spyware removal
  • Windows Installation
  • General maintenance (cleaning)

Desktop Repairs:

  • Blue screen of Death
  • Computer won't boot (black screen)
  • Computer freezes
  • Virus or spyware removal
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Clicking Hard Drive Replacement
  • Fan making loud noise/not working
  • General maintenance (cleaning)

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